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July  2014
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Fusion 7.00pm-10.00pm

Prospective Year 7 Induction Day

Prospective Year 7 Induction Day 1.00pm-4.00pm

Sports Day

Sports Day

Prospective Year 7 Social Event

Prospective Year 7 Social Event

Work Placement week Wef

Work Placement week Wef

Middle and Lower School Prize Giving

Middle and Lower School Prize Giving 
Middle 1.45-3.00pm 
Lower 6.45-8.00pm 


Work Placement week Wef

Work Placement week Wef

Work Placement week Wef

Work Placement week Wef

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Fuller Life Health & Fitness Centre has been designed to provide a high quality facility which includes a fully equipped gym, aerobics studio, swimming pool & sports hall. We are proud to be able to offer participation opportunities to our parents and to members the wider community: we hope you enjoy these facilities.

Our goal is not to be the biggest but the best we can be. We have created a fun, non-intimidating, friendly environment in which to train. We aim at promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle, creating a friendly approach towards wellbeing - rather than the outdated, traditional body building image.

Why is Fuller Life better than the bigger gym operators?

* Our friendly, non-intimidating environment

* A member of staff is always available if you have any queries or problems.

* You do not have to deal with pushy, high pressure sales people.

* We keep membership to reasonable numbers, which means no waiting time or queues

 to get on our equipment and no time limits on your use of the equipment.

Fuller Life is about helping you to identify what you really want and how to get there: to set realistic goals and create confidence; to achieve a clarity of focus and a sense of purpose; to work with discipline and resolve; to stick to your plan; to deal with pressure, thrive on it and make it your own; to carve away the distractions that slow us all downand perhaps most importantly, to take control of your future.


                                           The decision is yours!


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Fuller Life Fitness

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