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WGGS Weekly Newsletter 09.06.17

WGGS Weekly Newsletter 09.06.17

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to you on the day after the most recent General Election and the political landscape is as yet unclear. My hope is that those who are elected will place investment in education as a priority – at the very least reconsidering the new Funding Formula and ensuring that schools such as this are able to survive intact, despite increased National Insurance and Pension costs, and at the most recognising that the future success of this country depends upon having a population that is well educated and in possession of the skills needed to ensure we can compete globally at the highest level in all sectors. My deep belief in the intrinsic value of scholarship also leads me to hope that all children will continue to have the opportunity to study a range of academic subjects at all levels, rather than only children at private schools, and also that schools such as Watford Grammar School for Girls will continue to be able to provide outstanding extra-curricular opportunities for sport, the creative arts and academic enrichment. It is also key that schools are able to recruit and retain excellent teachers, who have a passion for their subjects and expertise in the classroom. I have spoken to any MP who will listen, to the Department for Education and also to as many journalists as possible. Let’s see what happens.

There have also been further terrorist incidents, most notably on and near London Bridge last weekend. We were due to send a Year 10 visit to Borough Market this Monday, but the area was closed. Therefore the visit was postponed and will take place later this term. In the light of recent events we have also reviewed our safety and security procedures; the safety of the girls is our priority. Following this review, we have decided to lock all but one of the school gates during the school day. The main gate will remain open, but all other gates will be locked at the start of the school day and be opened ten minutes before the end of each school day. The gate on Wiggenhall Road will be permanently locked as it is impossible for us to monitor this entrance to the school site. The girls were informed of these changes on Wednesday by their form tutors. We will regularly evaluate the new procedures and adapt them as necessary.

In the meantime, school caries on as usual. The girls remain calm, hard working, studious and dedicated to their studies. Thank you for continuing to support them during their examinations,

Yours faithfully,

Clare Wagner