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German Exchange Trip to Mainz - Easter 2017

A pupil from class 8c's feedback on the recent German exchange trip

"I have absolutely loved the German Exchange 2017. I would highly recommend it to anyone keen on learning German as all of us have learned a great amount of German whilst also having the time of our lives. All of the German families were very friendly and welcoming and gave us all great opportunities to learn with day trips and German movies. We have all made a friend for life with our exchanges and made memories we will never forget. The trips we were taken on as a school were very eventful and I'm pretty sure we can all agree that memories were definitely made! If you're worried about them speaking another language then don't be because they speak surprisingly fluent English and you will be surprised with how much German you actually know. Overall, I think that the German Exchange has been a great experience for me that I would not change for the world and would be happy to go again next year!"