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WGGS Newsletter 06.07.17

WGGS Newsletter 06.07.17

Dear Parents and Carers,

Preparations are underway for the many celebrations that commemorate the end of term and indeed the end of the academic year. We are getting ready for Junior and Middle School Prize Giving and we are also preparing for the Sports Celebration Evening. Sports Day is on Monday 17th July and you will be receiving further information about that in due course. Year 11 and Year 13 pupils have also returned some of their textbooks. I would be most grateful if you could ask your daughters who have just completed public examinations if they are certain that they have returned all of their textbooks. If you feel bold enough, you could look into their bedrooms and under their beds for rogue copies of school textbooks hidden beneath clothes, shoes and discarded revision notes. Of course, your daughters may have impeccably tidy bedrooms and I do not wish to suggest that all of them are less than assiduous in tidying their rooms. Nonetheless, if you should find any textbooks and could return these to us, it would be very much appreciated. Every year we lose between £3,000 and £4,000 as girls fail to return school books to us.

Further to my previous newsletters, we have continued to prioritise your daughters’ safety and to keep the school site locked during the school day, except for the main school gate that leads to Reception. We have reallocated the parking spaces along the wall on the right. These are now a walkway for girls, rather than parking places. This change is essential for the girls safety, as this gate is now used for vehicles entering and exiting the school site, whereas previously it was only used for former. I would be most grateful if you could remind your daughters to use the walkway and also if you as parents could not drive into the school site to drop off your daughters. Some parents have been seen using the walkway to park, indeed they have parking in between the cones. This is very dangerous and I would be very grateful if parents could avoid this practice and could refrain driving onto the school site at any time.

During a term that is dominated by examinations and also where there are many exciting trips taking place, we continue to focus on community service here at Watford Girls. This week we welcomed to the school Carol Herbert, Old Grammarian and trustee of the Watford Food Bank. She told the girls about the work of the food bank and how demand upon the service has increased markedly during the past five years. The school will be working with the Food Bank next term in order to provide support, funds and food donations for this extremely worthwhile local cause.

I wish you and your daughters a relaxing weekend when you get there,

Yours faithfully,

Clare Wagner