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Year 7 Admissions

Welcome to our school, each year 180 new Year 7s join the school. We hope you believe this is the best place for your daughter to be educated but please be aware we are highly over subscribed. The key dates you need to be aware of for September 2017 entry are:

Application for Consortium Testing:  Deadline now passed

Consortium Academic Test: Deadline now passed

Consortium Music Aptitude Test: Deadline now passed

Open Day: Deadline now passed

Deadline for Applications: Deadline now passed


For our determined Admissions Policy for entry to the school in September 2018 please use the following link:

Year 7 Entry 2018 Admissions Criteria


Further details can be found in the links below:

Year 7 Entry 2018 - Consortium Testing Information

Year 7 Entry 2017 Admissions Criteria

Open Day 2018

Historical Information