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End of GCSE and GCE Exams

GCSE Exam Seasons and Results Dates. 
Summer Exams : 4th May - 29th June 2016
Results - 25th August 2016

GCE Exam Seasons and Results Dates. 
Summer Exams : 4th May - 29th June 2016
Results - 18th August 2016

INSET and Appraisal

School closed to girls
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Welcome to the Sixth Form Page

A Level certificates will be ready for collection from the school office with effect from Monday 24 November.

Any queries please contact or  

We are immensely proud of the students who pass through our Sixth Form. Nearly all our Sixth Formers progress to Higher Education. Details of the destinations of last year’s leavers can be found at the end of this booklet.

We have a thriving, highly successful Sixth Form of over 400 students. Many of our Year 11 pupils choose to join Year 12 at WGGS and there is great demand for the places available to external applicants. We are able to offer a choice of 28 A level courses and each academic department has an established record of high achievement at this level

Owing to the excellent, highly commended academic teaching and the wide range of extended curriculum opportunities, our students go on to become proficient and confident Women for Tomorrow’s World.

Message from the Head Girl 2015 – 2016

What's the best part of Sixth Form life?

I consulted the girls in my year and a theme emerged: common rooms, fully equipped with kettles and microwaves, are a fantastic bonus. But it's not all about tea.

Starting in the Sixth Form can come as quite a shock. Many aspects of school life change, which is both exciting and challenging.  A-level courses go into far greater depth, giving you a chance to explore your favourite subjects more thoroughly. With a greater emphasis on independent learning, there is more opportunity to structure your own time. This is more akin to university level study, as you begin to focus your passions and think about your future beyond school. From harvest festival to organising the community Christmas party, there are many exciting parts to Sixth Form life.

As Head Girl, I work to create a link between students and staff. I am honoured to work alongside such an inspiring, supportive and funny Head Girl team. Together, we organise school events, run school council, and lead the prefect team and support staff and students within the school.

The Prefects are an important school support system. The Senior Prefects form a team of seven. Each Senior Prefect looks out for a specific year group, liaises with the Head of that Year, and acts as assistant to a senior member of staff. The School Prefect team work with individual forms, supporting them in charity events and acting as voices of caring support, wisdom and inspiration. Both groups of Prefects can easily be spotted at school events, wearing the infamous boaters.

There are also Subject Prefects who work with their departments for subject-specific events and duties. These Prefects often run extra-curricular clubs and work extensively to promote their subject.

If any student has a problem, query or suggestion, please don't hesitate to approach me or any member of the Head Girl or Prefect Team.

You can also contact us by email:

Kate Watts – Head Girl 2015 - 2016

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This includes use of the Fitness Suite, Swimming Pool & Aerobic classes: View details...

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