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September  2015


School Closed to Girls

Year 7 & Year 12 Induction

School closed to girls, other than Yr 12 and new Yr 7ís


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Year 7 Parentsí Informal Evening

Year 7 Parentsí Informal Evening - 7:00pm

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Welcome to the Sixth Form Page

A Level certificates will be ready for collection from the school office with effect from Monday 24 November.

Any queries please contact or  

We are immensely proud of the students who pass through our Sixth Form. Nearly all our Sixth Formers progress to Higher Education.

Through the excellent, highly praised academic teaching and the varied extended curriculum opportunities, our students go on to become competent and confident members of all echelons of society.

We have a thriving, highly successful Sixth Form of 400+ students. Many our own Year 11 pupils choose to join the Lower Sixth at WGGS and we are heavily oversubscribed for places available to external applicants. We are able to offer a choice of 30 A level courses and each academic department has a proven record of high achievement at this level.

We encourage our students to develop a 'personal package' of activities using both academic and non-academic opportunities to develop their skills and attributes as they prepare for university study and future careers.

Message from Amy O’Shea – Head Girl 2014 – 2015

Joining the Sixth Form can be daunting, even if you have been in Watford Girls since Year 7. Although it may seem like a big change, being part of the Sixth Form brings so many new opportunities and challenges. The workload may be great but the independence in your learning and your future is incredibly satisfying and the courses more interesting and multi-faceted.

Of course, to start with there's the chance to wear the white shirt - something particularly satisfying for the girls who have worn gold blouses for five years. But also, there's a whole new support system in the Sixth Form Team; the new common room to make tea and have microwave meals (yes, you can finally heat up food); new societies such as Government and Politics or Feminist Society; new events such as the organisation of Harvest or the Old People's Party at Christmas; and most excitingly, the chance to become a Prefect and wear the infamous boater.

The Head Girl Team – Claire, Fatemah, Amy and Ivy

I am very honoured to have been chosen as Head Girl for 2014 - 15, and am thrilled to be working with Ivy, Claire and Fatemah as the Deputy Head Girls. Within the Sixth Form, there is a large Prefect team who play a number of different roles within the school:

Subject Prefects work within their departments to promote the subject, by helping out at subject specific events and clubs, and by assisting the department staff in any way, such as at Open Days.

School Prefects are easy to spot as they wear the boaters on formal occasions. Each is assigned to a Form and looks after the Form throughout the year. They also frequently help out at school events, showing visitors around the school and being the faces of Watford Girls.

There are seven Senior Prefects: Nikki, Zusi, Alpana, Scarlett, Natalie, Hanna and Catrin. Each looks after a Year in the school, as well as leading the Year Prefect team. They have a key role in organising the Prefects and supporting senior members of staff.

The Senior Prefects – Nikki, Zusi, Alpana, Scarlett, Natalie, Hanna and Catrin

We also have a Music Lead, Henrietta who helps the music department in organising events and other clubs within the department. Katie is our Sports Captain, and helps the PE department in organising matches and other sporting events.

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