Severe Weather Plan –  Information for Parents & Pupils

The school will make every effort to stay open on each day of the school year, yet in extreme circumstances it may be necessary to close the school due to adverse weather conditions.

Closure before the start of school:

  • A decision to close the school will be made either the night before or by 7.30am on the day of the closure. You will be informed through Parentmail, the school website and local radio. NB: Past experience is that delays have been caused by website crashing and high internet usage means that messages may be delayed.
  • Please do not ring the school as there will be no staff in school to take your call.

Closure during the school day:

If weather conditions worsen during the school day and therefore making transportation difficult, Miss Tai may decide to close the school. In this event parents will be informed by Parentmail and the website will be updated.  Students will remain supervised by staff until appropriate travel arrangements can be made.  

Please remember that staff will also need to make their way home and as such we ask parents to prioritise the transport of their children away from school. 

It is recommended that you arrange to pick up your child in a place that avoids using Lady’s Close. Experience is that snow can make the bottom of Lady’s Close very dangerous.  

In the event that the school will be closed for more than one day:

The same process as the closure for the whole day, except Miss Tai may choose to make this decision the night before. The school website and all communication will be updated by 7.30am on the day of the closure.  

Remote Learning

The school does understand the sudden closure of schools can have an impact on households, both good and bad. The intent is to keep the process of learning going as much as practical.

  • Key Stage 3relevant work placed on Teams for each lesson missed while school closed. This can / should be adapted to the circumstances e.g., practical lessons may be directed to watch a film. When following up, staff should take into consideration that not all students will have access to resources.  
  • Key Stage 4 + 5as for KS3 except teachers may choose to deliver the work through a live lesson, if this is the case the lesson meeting must have been sent by 8.30 on the day of the lesson.  

PACE/Forum will be delivered in some format on a Tuesday if relevant.

If the school remains closed for more than 3 days, then Form Tutors will begin to have a live form period.