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Spelling Bee

Modern Foreign Language Spelling Bee

Last year, WGGS took place in the Modern Foreign Language Spelling Bee for Year 7s across the country. Around 64000 pupils started in October and after four gruelling competition rounds, our competitor for German came second in the National Finals at the end of June 2017!! Congratulations Shenali Shah!

Here is her account of how it felt like competing for WGGS at Cambridge University:

As I sat there in the Lady Mitchell Auditorium at Cambridge University, my heart thumped and my blood raced. Suddenly, I heard my name, ' Can Shenali Shah please come up on stage?' Extremely surprised and shocked, I walked to the stage and took my place in the middle. Subsequently, the minute started and I began to translate words into German and spell them in the German alphabet as quick as I possibly could. Reasonably satisfied with my performance in front of an audience of approximately 150, I climbed the stairs and got back in my seat, feeling anxious. I waited till all the chosen competitors had had their go and then came the ranking. As the winners were announced, I was overwhelmed to discover I had taken 2nd place in the German category of the National Foreign Language Spelling Bee. I feel privileged to represent our school.  My journey started in November 2016. This experience has exposed me to a fascinating new world of modern languages and I highly recommend to anyone to seize this opportunity if you have the chance to. Danke Frau Brümmersdädt und Clark für Ihre Unterstützung.