Congratulations to Jessie Lewis, Katherine Vandy, Danielle Lee, Mae Watts and Isabella Shah. The clarinet quintet received some lovely feedback after Friday’s performance at Hatfield House Chamber Music Festival:

“Thank you so much for your contribution to making the education and outreach programme at this year’s Festival such a success. We really appreciate all the time and effort you and your pupils put into their preparations, rehearsals and the wonderful performance on Friday afternoon. It was very much appreciated and there were lots of positive comments, in particular from Lord Salisbury and Stephen Johnson, the Radio 3 presenter who gave the pre-concert talk.”

“Playing at Hatfield House was a lovely experience. The house was beautiful and it was incredible to perform Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet in such a historic building. We played in the long gallery, a room where many musicians centuries before us have also performed, so it was an honour to follow in their footsteps! On behalf of the Quintet I would like to say a massive “thank you” to Hatfield House for having us. It was an honour!”