Following months of remote learning, our Head Girl Team (HGT) wasted no time in fulfilling their promise to celebrate diversity by announcing Culture Month, just a week after our return.

“We are lucky to have a diverse school community, but we don’t get many opportunities to talk more about our cultural identities. Globalisation has transformed the world, but this homogenization has meant the loss of diversity and identity.”– HGT

As we prepare our girls for the ever-changing world, simply educating them with knowledge on the subjects they study is no longer enough. We are determined to enrich our pupils in as many ways as possible so they can become well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.

“We have carefully curated a variety of activities and events to bring the school community together by educating, appreciating and celebrating one another’s culture.” – HGT

These include:

· A critique of cultural appropriation

· Languages Workshop

· Compilation of Traditional Dance & Music across the world

· ‘Speak Out’ PACE Session

· Culture Magazine (set to be released 1st day of Summer Term)

· Culture Day, Last Day of Term

In conjunction with our birthday celebrations (317th birthday), the typical Mufti has now been adapted into Culture Day, as we invite pupils and staff to dress in their cultural clothing to provide an insight into the country/culture that they are part of.

We are extremely proud of everyone involved and we are delighted to share that the girls managed to raise a total sum of £912.73.