With a site the size and age of WGGS, it is inevitable that repairs to the fabric of the facilities will need to be made. We have been fortunate to secure funding from three different funds to make these improvements.

“I am pleased to say that the windows in the Gym and Sports area have now been completed and look fabulous. Although your daughter may not appreciate them (or even notice) they should still appreciate that it is now warmer in the gym. The funding for this came direct from Government as part of a Condition Improvement Fund and we are now bidding for a new roof for the main building.

The Women of Vision Trust fund has donated £50, 000 towards the tarmacking of the car park and pathways on the South Site. We are also renovating the last of the old tennis/ netball courts; many of the surfaces have become worn and the work is essential to avoid accidents. This would not be possible without the continued donations of many parents, which provide vital support and I am grateful if you are one of these parents.

I am also grateful to the Watford Grammar Schools Foundations for their generous donation of £20,000 to allow us to upgrade our site security systems, including CCTV. The Foundation’s role is to manage the legacy of Dame Elizabeth Fuller and specifically the land; their investments finance ad hoc donations of which we make full use.

As a state school, the education of your daughters is entirely based on government grants, however it is wonderful that we can improve the quality of the environment in which she learns.“ Miss Tai, Headmistress