We are Junoon, a team of nine sixth-formers who have come together to sell crochet scrunchies as
part of Young Enterprise, a business project for students!

Crochet is a process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn. After Covid, the publicity of crochet in the media has increased a lot – we noticed this trend and applied it to our company to make a product that is not usually associated with crochet.

We are passionate (which is the meaning of Junoon in Hindi) to bring back this lost skill and to offer you a wide variety of scrunchies, that are handmade with love!


During half-term in February, we had our very first Young Enterprise trade fair at Watford Atria;

this was truly our first live selling experience. The highlight of the event was the Awards
ceremony in which Junoon won two prizes – Best Customer Service and Best Overall Company
– which were given to us by the Watford Mayor! Since then, we’ve also come second in the
regional logo competition!

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Report by Eesha 12D

Product photos by Asma 12G

Logo design by Prisha 12H

Instagram page by Piyamini 12H

The rest of the Junoon team: Eesha 12D, Saania 12D, Patricia-Alexandra 12H, Zainab 12D, Shafiqa 12E