The litter pick up opened our minds and hearts to the dreadful state of the environment surrounding us. We found items like alcohol bottles, items of clothing and cigarettes. By removing these we saved countless animals and helped the environment in general. It was a fun and unforgettable experience and I enjoyed helping my community. (By Evelyn 8E)

On Wednesday 30th March, people from the eco-committee volunteered to pick up litter to help the environment we have polluted so carelessly. Eagerly, the girls used litter pickers to clean up the pavements around Watford, walking (or sometimes running) around in groups or pairs: some litter picked throughout the day, others patiently held out huge black plastic bags, but as a team, the group soon had bulging bags of all sorts of rubbish. Among the things found were a large plastic bag filled with water, endless lines and lines of
plastic and even a television! By helping to pick up rubbish, especially plastic, the eco-committee has helped the environment. Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, so if not swiped up from pavements, it will either waste away slowly or degrade, pollute our waters, and strangle the fish of our oceans. This is the reality when our planet is not taken care of. On a slightly less serious note, the clean-up was tremendously fun; there was a fun competitive spirit and the girls also worked alongside children from Watford Field School. After 3 tiring but
exciting hours of litter picking fun, the people from the eco-committee had finished the slightly daunting work of sweeping the streets of bits of plastic, paper and socks. Well done everyone! (By Merrie 10D)