I am delighted that so many of us got involved in World Book Day. Year 7 students made a great effort with their costumes and this ended up in a brilliant catwalk, with the winners shown above.

Families also responded to the request to donate books to the Children’s Book project. Miss Small was delighted by the 6 large boxes and 8 bags of books. She said “We are very grateful to all the girls and parents who donated their pre-loved books, one anonymous parent delivered a whole box of books which appear to be brand new. We have been working with the Children’s Book Project.”

“The Children’s Book Project seeks to end book poverty by taking gently used,donated children’s books and giving them to children with few if any books of their own. The Project works with schools who have an average of 50% of children on free school meals (household incomes of less than £7,500 a year), women’s refuges, foodbanks, refugee groups and prison family liaison. This year they are going to giveaway over 250,000 books. Sometimes it’shard to give books away if you don’t know where they are going, but they promise that the children who receive them are really happy to get them.

These children don’t go to bookshops and many of them have no books of their own at home. The girls at Watford Grammar School for Girls can show they care by bringing any books which they don’t need into school and these will be collected and distributed. I hope you’ll see the benefits of this book drive, not only for the children who end up receiving the books, but also because of thelessons it teaches those gifting their books.” Miss Small