Anjali (8C) was awarded this school prize last year in Prize Giving, but because it was a virtual award, she did not receive the recognition for this achievement that she deserved.

She demonstrated inspiring leadership qualities by bringing the charity reps across the year together and organising weekly after school meetings for them to plan events.

She took the lead in organising a successful Halloween party. She thought of ideas, advertised the event, and creatively ensured that it adhered to COVID guidelines.

Anjali has led the charity reps in organising three after school charity quizzes. She has delegated tasks, such as making the quizzes and designing posters, yet also put a huge amount of time into the events herself. She contacted numerous local businesses to secure prizes for the events and organised for them to be posted to school.

Anjali has exceptionally demonstrated the school’s ethos of service to others. Her strong leadership, teamwork, and selfless dedication all contributed to year 7 raising £4,000 for Depression UK. The charity were so grateful, that they wrote an article about the school in their newsletter. Well done.