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A Level Biology

Almost every day, news reports carry items that relate to Biology, from designer babies and cloning to food scares and cancer risks. It is not surprising then that the Biology Department is one of the largest departments in the school, with approximately 100 Year 12’s choosing to study A-level Biology every year.

Seven dedicated and enthusiastic staff support and encourage students in this challenging and diverse subject, with the help of two exceptional technicians. Extensive use of innovative ICT resources, traditional teaching methods and a comprehensive revision, tutoring and support system enable students to achieve grades that are some of the best in the country.

The students themselves run a number of very popular and highly successful extracurricular groups including Medical society and Journal club. There are opportunities to attend external lectures, for Nuffield Bursary placements and to take part in competitions such as the Biology Olympiad, run annually by the Institute of Biology.

The challenging and diverse nature of Biology makes it a prized subject in any profession, including Medicine, Dentistry, Forensics, Psychology and Veterinary Medicine or Science, but most importantly the subject instils a passion for life itself. The study of Biology at A Level is designed to develop a student’s interest in, and enthusiasm for, the subject.

To achieve highly in this subject you will be expected to work collaboratively with your peers and staff. An investigatory approach to practical work is an intrinsic part of Biology.

An understanding of scientific method is promoted to increase scientific knowledge and to develop an enquiring and critical approach. Students will develop awareness that different perceptions, predictions and interpretations can be applied according to context.

The study of Biology encourages an appreciation of how society makes decisions about biological issues e.g. GM foods, genetic engineering, global warming, healthy living, epidemics, farming, and pest control as well as providing an insight into how Biology contributes to the success of the economy and society the living world.

From September 2016 the A Level course being followed is WJEC Eduqas Biology a linear qualification in which all assessments must be taken at the end of the course.

Link to WJEC Eduqas Biology specifications