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Food & Nutrition


Food Technology and Nutrition is taught in Years 7, 8 & 9 as part of a carousel within Design and Technology. The Food and Nutrition department encourage our students to embrace the study of food, through learning the principals and application of nutrition and health and to cook a repertoire of dishes so that they are able to feed themselves and others a healthy and varied diet. They will become competent in a range of cooking techniques and aware of the seasonality, working and sensory characteristics of a broad range of ingredients, as well as having opportunities to share their own food and cultural experiences. Pupils are encouraged to use familiar and new ingredients and to add their own tweaks and twists to recipes!

KS3 (Years 7-9)

Year 7

There is a major focus on practical work to develop skills, organisation and confidence to prepare healthy food products suitable for a packed lunch. Students learn about working safely and food hygiene, the importance of fruit and vegetables and how to use the Eatwell Guide to plan a balanced diet

Year 8

Students follow the theme of ‘Healthy Eating’ through learning about the dietary guidelines and the impact of food on health and wellbeing. There is a major focus on and how to adapt recipes to make them healthier as well as considering the functions of ingredients in creating desirable sensory qualities. Other topics include vegetarian diets, food labelling, the safe handling and cooking of food and sensory testing. Students use thinking skills to evaluate their work.

Year 9-Food and Nutrition

This course focusses on the study of nutrition and understanding the nutritional needs of teenagers. It allows students to analyse and evaluate their diet and culminates in the students planning and making a two course meal of their choice which meets the nutritional needs of teenagers.

Students develop further skills and independence in practical work as they learn how to make a number of more complex food products. They learn about the scientific principles of bread, pastry and cake making through both practical work and independent research tasks. This is a good introduction and foundation for GCSE.

KS4 (Years 10-11)

GCSE Food and Nutrition

From September 2016, we will be teaching the AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition course. This is a fresh and exciting GCSE which focuses on practical skills, nutrition, food science, where food comes from as well as exploring the dietary needs of different groups and the links between diet and current health issues. Students develop a strong understanding of food as an ingredient and its role in the body. During the two years, they develop knowledge and skills required to cook exciting, challenging and creative dishes through exploring and creating their own recipes as well as learning new and advanced food preparation skills. The scientific properties of ingredients are taught to enable students to carry out their own food science investigations. 


  • Food, nutrition and health
  • Food science
  • Food safety
  • Food choices
  • Food Provenance

The course includes two non-examination assessments, together work 50% of the overall GCSE.  The first is a practical investigation which includes a written report, and the second involves the students planning, preparing, cooking and presenting three dishes.

There is also a written examination, also worth 50% of the overall GCSE.


Extended Curricular Opportunities

The Food and Nutrition department organise and run a variety of Food related Enrichment activities throughout the year, for example:

  • Year 7 Food Club
  • Year 7&8 Food competitions
  • Year 9 Great: WGGS Bake Off and The Apprentice Catering Challenge charity fundraiser activity
  • Year 9, 10 and 11 Professional chef demonstrations and masterclasses
  • Year 10 and 11: Participation in the Rotary Club Young Chef of the year competition.

We also take part in the annual British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating week and run a series of activities throughout the week to promote healthy eating and lifestyle awareness.

Student Testimonies

“I have really enjoyed Food Technology; I have learnt a wide variety of skills and techniques, learning to make many foods and how to incorporate a balanced diet into creating a healthy packed lunch box. I have learnt different cutting skills and how to be hygienic whilst cooking. I am proud of everything I have achieved in Food Technology this year, in particular my Pizza Toast which went down well with the whole family – which I made again at home as successfully” 

“I enjoyed Food Technology very much! I was very proud of my Fruit Salad and my Banana Cakes” 

“I have had lots of fun making lots of new recipes – I think I have achieved a lot”

“I learnt a lot more about my own diet which will help me in later life; I learnt how to adapt recipes to make them healthier which is a great life skill’’

‘’I have learnt a lot about baking and the science behind it is much more complex that I thought’’

“I now apply the things I have learnt to my whole family’s diets”

“Cooking dishes I have modified are challenging but fun”