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GCSE Science

From September 2016 girls will follow the new Edexcel GCSE (9-1) course.

Girls begin their GCSE Science course in the September of Year 9. They either study for the Combined Science Award or the Separate Science GCSE’s.

All girls study Biology, Chemistry and Physics and are taught by three subject specialist teachers. Girls taking Combined Science will gain 2 GCSE’s across the 3 Sciences, whereas those doing the Separate Sciences will gain 3 GCSE’s.  The Separate Science course does not have any additional teaching time, meaning that the course is intensive and girls must do extra work at home.  Due to the rigorous and traditional nature of the new GCSE’s both courses are a suitable basis for A Level Science study.

Of those taking Combined Science the vast majority will sit the Higher Level papers. A very small number of girls will sit the Foundation level papers where this the most sensible option. The girls are monitored throughout Years 9, 10 and 11 to ensure that they are doing the course most suited to their ability and work ethic.

The GCSE Physics courses require all equations and formulae to be memorised. A Periodic Table is issued to candidates for the Chemistry exams.


Extended-Curricular Activities.

Girls have the opportunity to take part in the Biology and Physics British Challenge competitions.  Some Astronomy Club members will go on to take GCSE Astronomy in Years 9 or10. All Year 10 visit the Science and Natural History Museums in South Kensington. Traditionally a number of girls have been selected to attend the Salters Chemistry Camps.


Link to Edexcel Pearson GCSE Sciences: