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Gallery Space

About the Gallery

We provide a free space on site in the Sixth Form building for artists, students and community groups to exhibit and sell their work in the public arena. We also provide for these users free administrative support, including publicity. Our investment in this venue provides Watford with much-needed free gallery spaces so that the public and students can interact with a regular programme which features a wide range of art forms.

During the academic year a new exhibition is on display each half term.

Opening Hours

The exhibition is open to the public on Mondays from 4pm until 8pm. If you wish to see the exhibition outside the opening hours, please contact the artist.


The school will provide the following:

  • Hanging and/or display facilities (hanging system, screens, plinths etc.)
  • Reproduction and distribution of publicity material.


The artist will be responsible for:

  • Three weeks prior to the date of the Private View, providing the publicity material for the exhibition via email or CD/USB. (If emailed, a jpg attachment achieves a better photocopying outcome.)
  • Provision of a press release approximately three weeks before the Private View.
  • Setting up, refreshments and clearing up for the Private View.
  • Hanging and dismantling the exhibition, with our assistance where possible. Please note: each picture must have string/wire across the back. Nails must not be hammered into the walls.
  • A Curriculum Vitae / Résumé of professional practice / previous exhibitions / artistic philosophy, available as a handout at the exhibition.
  • Appropriate insurance cover.
  • Stewarding arrangements for the exhibition during all periods of public access.



The Private View must be held on a Monday, as the school is open for evening classes on that day.

Private Views are from 7 pm to 9pm, with setting up from 6.30. The Private View ends at 9pm. If the artist would like to start at 6pm, this is can be arranged.

  • Hanging must be between 10am and 2pm Mon, Tues, Wed or Thur as no help is available on Friday, or after 2pm pm on any day.
  • Dismantling must be done the day after the last day of the exhibition. No storage facilities are available to store any artwork.
  • During school hours, the exhibition will not be open to the general public except when specified individuals have been invited by the artist, in agreement with the Arts College Management.
  • The exhibition is open to the general public on Monday from 4pm until 8pm while evening classes are running.
  • If the artist requires the exhibition to be open Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, there will be a charge of £40 per day.