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Subject overview

Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour. Psychologists systematically investigate human behaviour and experience with the aim of trying to explain, understand, predict and manage behaviour.

First and foremost, A Level Psychology is an academic discipline; highly scientific and theoretical. Students should be aware of the need to retain lots of information and for the necessity to employ a rigorous approach to the study of Psychology if they are to excel.

You must have a B in Maths, a B in English and at least 2Bs in Science.


COMPONENT 1 Psychology: Past to Present.

This involves looking at approaches (or schools in Psychology) from past to present. This will be studied in an analytical way reviewing Biological, Cognitive, Behaviourist, Positive and

Psychoanalytical ways of examining behaviour and linking this with the key studies supporting such approaches.

COMPONENT 2 Psychology: Investigating Behaviour.

This comprises learning about the methods psychologists use in order to conduct research. This will involve understanding research design, some calculations and statistics and examining a student’s practical knowledge of key terms and how to conduct research.

COMPONENT 3 Psychology: Implications in the Real World.

This will be taught in the second year and comprises Part A and Part B. Part A focuses on real world behaviours and problems such as: Criminality; Schizophrenia and Stress.

Part B looks at controversies in Psychology, such as debates whether assessments of mental illness are correct.


Extended curricular opportunities

  • Trips: In the past few years, students have attended a joint Sociology and Psychology conference on Crime in the second year, and gone to the Freud Museum in the first year
  • Speakers- inspiring speakers have included a trainee clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist
  • Psychology Club- weekly lunchtime club that gives you chance to extend your knowledge and skills beyond the syllabus




Student testimony

“Ms McEwan has been a great, kind teacher and has always made Psychology interesting.

She has given me lots of encouragement and help this year and has put up with all my questions!”