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School Council

The School Council at Watford Girls is a group of elected representatives, usually two girls from each form, who meet to discuss issues which concern the girls. It is currently thriving, with around sixty members.

All girls should consider joining the Council at some point in their school careers. Our aim is to provide a friendly, democratic environment for discussion and to involve students in decision-making processes which are relevant to them as members of the school. The representatives often bring items to the Council at the recommendation of their peers, and then report back to their classes, acting as a link between the Council and the wider school community.

The School Council is chaired by the Head Girl, supported by her Deputies. Meetings take place after school, usually every half-term, sometimes more frequently, and they last for around an hour. Discussions range from feedback on new facilities, such as the new ‘Food Factory’ canteen, to plans for adjustments to school rules, ideas for new buildings, and planning special events. Decisions are taken with a vote, and reported back to the rest of the school in the minutes.

The School Council also provides a forum in which members are free to air ideas which they would like to be implemented across the school, and members of staff value the opportunity to get contributions from the girls’ representatives before finalising plans.

The School Council is a busy, effective and vibrant group organised and run by the girls, and focussed on the good of the school and its pupils and staff.