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School Expectations

The ethos of Watford Grammar School for Girls favours principled action over hopeful ideas, an attitude which is summed up by the alternative motto: "I can do it and I will do it".

For this reason, our policies, particularly those which directly affect the pupils - Behaviour, Bullying, Child Protection - are written as accessible codes of conduct or as procedures to be followed in certain circumstances. The school believes that only when specific examples of bad behaviour occur should there be an automatic punishment. These specific misbehaviours include physical violence, smoking, involvement with drugs or alcohol, and misbehaviour on school trips. The automatic sanction will usually be a fixed term exclusion from school (or being barred from participation in school trips for a given period).

The School Code, was developed through collaboration of pupils and staff to reflect the values of our school, and acts as the basis of our Behaviour Policy. It specifies the expectations the school holds for the conduct of pupils and staff. The school also has a clear set of rules, based on the School Code, which give clarity for students about how they should behave.

The school's values include inculcating an understanding in the pupils of appropriate behaviour in any situation, whatever the degree of formality.

The Behaviour Policy will be reviewed regularly.


All girls are expected to wear correct school uniform. The school maintains a stock of very good quality second hand uniform at very reasonable prices, many items hardly used. Please contact Matron at the school office for further details.

Mobile Phones

If it is necessary for your daughter to have a phone, it must be turned off and kept in her locker. She must not use it in school. Staff will confiscate any mobile phone found in school and hand it to the Headmistress who will keep it for a week. Girls are not allowed to use their mobile phones in school for any reason whatsoever. If they are unwell, have any concerns or need to contact parents in an emergency, they must see Matron in the School Office and she will make the necessary arrangements. The school will not be held responsible for lost or damaged phones.