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Student Welfare

Illness and Medical Care

Miss Hibbert and Mrs Barrett are our team providing health and welfare assistance, they can be contacted on 01923 223403 Ext 255, should you wish to discuss any health issues or concerns regarding your daughter. Please note that they cannot administer medication to students unless it is provided by a parent/guardian in the original package with a letter giving permission for her to do so. All medication brought to school is stored in a locked cupboard.


Girls who suffer from asthma must ensure that they carry an inhaler that is clearly named and in date, with them at all times. Any girl who is listed as asthmatic will not be allowed to go on school trips or to attend sport fixtures if she does not have her inhaler with her. It is important that Medical Staff are kept up to date with any change in her condition.


Girls who suffer from allergies that may result in them experiencing an anaphylactic shock should inform the Medical Staff. As well as carrying an Epipen themselves, they should give one to the Medical Staff, along with up-to-date contact details and a current passport size photo, for identification purposes, to be stored in the School Office. This should be replaced promptly when out of date or used. Girls who are prescribed an Epipen will not be allowed to go on school trips or to attend sport fixtures if they do not have their Epipens with them.

There is a small medical room available for the girls to receive treatment for minor injuries sustained in school and to rest if feeling unwell. If your daughter feels too unwell to continue with her lessons, a parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to collect her. Please ensure that we have your current and up-to-date contact details and also ensure that you have contingency arrangements in place for a third party to collect your daughter if you are unable to do so for any reason.

No girl below Year 10 is allowed to leave school on her own either to go home unwell or to attend an appointment. She must be met by an adult and signed out of school by Medical Staff or office staff.

PLEASE NOTE THAT if your daughter is unwell, you must contact the School Office as soon as possible to inform us that she will not be able to attend school. On the day of her return to school, she must bring in a letter explaining the reason for her absence.


Year 8
The HPV (Gardasil) immunisation is ONLY offered to girls in year 8. The HPV immunisation requires two injections to given on two separate occasions evenly spaced over the school year.

Year 10
The Meningitis C, Tetanus, Diphtheria & Polio immunisation will be offered to girls in year 10. Those who miss it will be recalled the following year.

Parents are asked to complete, sign and return Consent Forms promptly to Medical Staff once received. Every girl must return a signed Consent Form stating whether or not you wish your daughter to be immunised.

There is a confidential Counselling Service available in school. For more information please contact Medical Staff.

School Nurse
There is a confidential service available in school, provided by the School Nurse NHS Support Agency. For more information please contact the Medical Staff.