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Where to find help

We offer a number of ways of finding help if you have any questions about careers or next steps:

  • Kerry Duffy and Lucy Davis (our careers advisers from YC Hertfordshire) hold drop in sessions at lunchtimes when they are in school. See the notice on the careers office door for details of dates they are in school.
  • Mrs Arazi is available before school, or during recess or lunchtimes. She is situated in the Maths office in Hyde House. Alternatively, you can email with questions or to arrange a specific time to meet:
  • Miss Holmes holds drop in sessions in the careers library Tuesday-Thursday.


The careers library

The careers library is situated on the top floor of the main library, and has information about specific colleges and universities, as well as details on apprenticeships, gap years, different careers, employability skills and current local job vacancies.

Brochures and prospectuses are updated on an annual basis, whilst all other publications are reviewed biannually.

The careers library is open to all pupils, but certain time restrictions do apply unless pupils are attending a drop in session.

Years 7-9        can use the careers library ANY RECESS.

Years 10-11   can use the careers library ANY LUNCHTIME.

Years 12-13   can use the careers library ANY TIME except recess.