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Extra-Curricular and Trips

The school runs a wide range of exciting and stimulating trips for all year groups, ranging from evening visits to the theatre to expeditions abroad. Some are curriculum based to support and enrich work in the classroom but all are designed to develop confidence and encourage students to try new experiences and broaden their perspectives of the world in which they live.

Please look at the list of trips below for more information about which trips and visits are generally available during each academic year and for a guide to their approximate cost. This list is indicative only and will be liable to change on an annual basis.

Academic Year 2018-19
TripMonth 2018Year GroupsNumber of DaysDuring school time?Whole cohort trip?Approximate Cost
PE – Top GolfSep-18X0.5YN£0-20
Languages – SymposiumSep-18XX0.5NN£0-20
PE – Netball WeekendOct-18X3NN£150-200
Geography – RiversOct-18X0.5YY£0-20
MFL – Gifted and Talented TripOct-18X1YN£20-40
Duke of Edinburgh – SilverOct 2018, Jun 2019X3, 3Y/NN£200-300
Physics – CERN, GenevaOct-18X3NN£400-500
Art – FlorenceOct-18XXXX4NN£500-600
Textiles – Knitting and Stitching ShowOct-18XXX1YY£20-40
Maths – CompetitionNov-18X0.5YN£0-20
History – WW1 Commemoration DayNov-18X1YY£0-20
Religious Studies – Holocaust ConferenceNov-18X1YN£20-40
Classics – A Level ConferenceNov-18X1YN£20-40
English – A Level ConferenceNov-18XX1YN£20-40
History – Bar Mock TrialNov-18XX1NNTravel expenses to London then travel and accomodation in Edinburgh as reached finals
Maths – Senior Team Maths ChallengeNov-18XX0.5YN£0-20
Languages – SevilleNov-18XXX4Y/NN£600-700
MFL – Goethe Institut DebateDec-18X1YN£0-20
RS – A Level ConferenceDec-18XX1YN£20-40
Fine Art – The Wallace CollectionDec-18XX1YY£0-20
PACE – visits to care homesJan/Feb 2019X0.25YN£0-20
RS – AmsterdamJan-19X4Y/NN£400-500
Maths – Enrichment DayJan-19X1YN£0-20
History – Globe TheatreJan-19X1YY£0-20
Fine Art & Photography – Natural History MuseumJan-19X1YY£0-20
RS – Holocaust Memorial DayJan-19X1YY£0-20
MFL – German ExchangeFeb/Apr 2019XXX7Y/NN£500-600
MFL – German Exchange (Work Experience) with WBGSFeb-19X11Y/NN£300-400
Geographys – Climate Change ConferenceFeb-19X1YN£0-20
Classics – Oedipus Rex Theatre TripFeb-19X0.5NN£0-20
English and Drama – Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Theatre TripFeb-19XXX0.5NN£20-40
RS – GermanyFeb-19XX6NN£700-800
Duke of Edinburgh – GoldFeb, Apr, Jul 2019X1, 2, 5, 1, 5NN£800-900
MFL – French ExchangeFeb/May 2019XXX7Y/NN£500-600
Maths – UK Maths Challenge Team ChallengeMar-19XX1YN£0-20
Science – Science MuseumMar-19X1YY£0-20
MFL – Spelling BeeMar-19X0.5Y/NN£0-20
Geography – Eco Committee Spring Clean UpMar-19XXX0.5YN£0-20
Geography – GCSE Fieldwork Trip to SwanageMar-19X3YY£150-200
Technology – Rotary Technology TournamentMar-19X1YN£0-20
Maths – SpymissionsMar-19X1YN£0-20
Maths – Maths FeastMar-19X1YN£0-20
Government and Politics – Model UNMar-19X3NN£60-80
Government and Politics – Parliament Debating CompetitionMar-19X1YN£20-40
Government and Politics – Revision ConferenceMar-19X1YN£20-40
MFL – Goethe InstitutMar-19X1YN£0-20
MFL – German Study Day TripMar-19XX1YN£0-20
Chemistry – Salters Festival of ChemistryApr-19X1YN£0-20
Chemistry – Chemistry Analyst CompetitionApr-19X1YN£0-20
Computing – Cyber Security Edinburgh and Windsor TripsMar/May-19X2, 0.5Y/NN£80-100
Outlook Expedition – BorneoApr-19X12Y/NN£2000-2500
Maths – Maths Team ChallengeApr-19XX1YN£0-20
MFL – Translation BeeMar-19X0.5Y/NN£0-20
Young Enterprise County FinalMay-19X0.5Y/NN£0-20
Drama – Palace Theatre TripMay-19XX1YN£0-20
Geography and Classics – Verulamium and BerkhamstedMay-19X2YY£20-40
RS and History – Bhaktivadanta Manor and St Albans AbbeyMay-19X2YY£20-40
Duke of Edinburgh – BronzeMay, Jun 2019X1, 2, 2NN£200-300
PE – Sail FranceMay-19XXX8NN£700-800
History – BattlefieldsJun-19X3Y/NN£300-400
Maths – Thorpe ParkJun-19X1YN£20-40
Maths – Exploring Maths ConferenceJun-19X1YN£0-20
Activities Week – BudeJun-19X6YY£400-500
Activities Week – Whipsnade, Maths, Tate Modern, Museum of London, Thorpe ParkJun-19XYY£60-80
Activities Week – Citizenship and EnterpriseJun-19XYY£0-20
Activities Week –Jun-19XYY
Biology – Field Work DaysJun-19X0.75YY£0-20
Geography – Field TripJun-19X3YY£200-300
Learning Bus – Bishop Hatfield Girls SchoolJul-19XXXXX1YN£0-20
RS – Gurdwara VisitJul-19X1YY£0-20
Careers – Glider ChallengeJul-19X1YN£0-20
Physics – Moscow Star CityJul-19XX6NN£1000-1250
Academic Year 2019-20
TripMonth 2018Year GroupsNumber of DaysDuring school time?Whole cohort trip?Approximate Cost
Geography & Classics – Bay of NaplesOct-19XXX4NN£600-700
RS and Humanities – New YorkOct-19XX6NN£1250-1500
Outlook Expeditions – MalaysiaApr-19X12NN£2000-2500
PE – Ski Sunday, USAApr-19XXX9NN£1500-2000
Outlook Expeditions – Costa Rica and PanamaJul/Aug 2019X22NN£4,000

TripMonth 2018Year Groups      Number of DaysDuring school time?Whole cohort trip?Approximate Cost
Academic Year 2018-19
Geography – RiversOct-18X0.5YY£0
Textiles – Knitting and Stitching ShowOct-18XXX1YY£24
History – WW1 Commemoration DayNov-18X1YY£0
Art – The Wallace CollectionDec-18XX1YY£12
History – Globe TheatreJan-19X1YY£11
Fine Art & Photography – Natural History MuseumJan-19X1YY£14.50
RS – Holocaust Memorial DayJan-19X1YY£8
Geography – GCSE Fieldwork Trip to SwanageMar-19X3YY£158
Leavers DinnerMay-19X0.5NY£32
Geography and Classics – Verulamium and BerkhamstedMay-19X2YY£27
Activities Week – BudeJun-19X6YY£425
Activities Week –Jun-19XYY
Activities Week –Jun-19XYY
Activities Week –Jun-19XYY
Academic Year 2019-20