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WatfordGirls3 days ago
A perfect day for a socially distanced picnic. 😎 #WGGS #WatfordGirls https://t.co/96RgEV4SFY
WatfordGirls6 days ago
It hasn’t been an easy start, but we CAN do it, we WILL do it! 💪

#WatfordGirls #WGGS https://t.co/gTKeTSqj4m

WatfordGirls11 days ago
We regret to inform you that our Year 7 and Sixth Form Open Evenings have now been cancelled. Information regarding… https://t.co/Zov1cx24k1
WatfordGirls11 days ago
#4 – Eating and Relaxing.

#WGGS #WatfordGirls https://t.co/2inEXdXCLG

WatfordGirls12 days ago
#3 – Dedicated zones have been assigned to each year group, creating its own distinct bubble.

#WGGS #WatfordGirls https://t.co/UMzFSH0dUU