Compulsory at all times, jackets must be worn at all formal occasions.

Black suit, consisting of:

  • short or mid-length jacket
  • black tailored skirt, of appropriate length. Lycra skirts are not permitted,
  • or trousers which are straight-legged and hemmed. Jeans style, leggings, denim, corduroy trousers, or trousers which are tight on the leg, are not permitted.
  • white, fitted open neck blouse, preferably with school crest.

PE Kit

Compulsory kit displaying school crest:

  • Black round neck T-shirt with school logo.
  • Sixth Form PE hoodie (students may use their old WGGS PE hoodie if they wish). No other jumpers will be allowed in PE lessons.

Other compulsory items:

    • Plain black sports leggings or tracksuit bottoms (these may have a small logo on, but no stripes). These cannot be fashion leggings.
    • White socks
    • Trainers

Uniform List