I can remember, as I approached the end of Year 11, the exciting and daunting realisation that I was finally growing up and would be soon finished with GCSEs, stepping forward on my academic journey!

Having to decide on a sixth form as well as your A-Levels is one of the harder decisions that so many of us have to make; I remember struggling to decide on the A-Levels I would move forward with as well as the sixth form I would be heading off to, but somehow I managed to navigate my way through – so have faith in yourselves!

One of the best decisions I made both academically and personally was deciding to come back to Watford Girls for the sixth form.

Whilst the jump to A-Levels can be daunting, students and teachers are incredibly supportive, making sure that you feel welcomed within school life. The opportunities for development within sixth form life are endless; you can step up and take responsibility through the vast number of extracurricular activities that are available. Just as we did, you will have the chance to lead clubs and even start a new one yourself if you choose to, allowing you to contribute to the diverse and rich school culture, with your own particular brand of uniqueness.

The ability to express yourself and share your views is one of the things I love most about our school, and the community we have here as a school is supportive and friendly. The atmosphere is inspiring and empowering, and I know you will have an amazing sixth form experience here, just as we have.

Best wishes,
Zahraa x