You have read the prospectus thousands of times and browsing the school website is currently your favourite pastime, and yet you are still questioning where to go for Sixth Form? Well, I know exactly how you feel as almost two years ago I made one of my proudest decisions and decided to venture from the comfort of my secondary school and come to Watford Grammar School for Girls.

It was a challenge. I was welcomed to year 12 with demanding deadlines and countless essays.

I, and every one of my peers, had to hit the ground running. Yet, in the midst of all the work, it was the school culture and community that kept me going. I made the most of the independence and power given to sixth formers here by creating the African Caribbean Society, the Christian Union and Poetry Club. I also discovered the compassion of the teachers, who excused a few late essays but never allowed me to slack, reminding me of my goals after sixth form, encouraging me to stay diligent. After just a few months at the school I took a risk and decided to run for Head Girl, another great chance the school provides for the students to grow in leadership and confidence. Getting elected despite only having joined recently is a great demonstration of the type of school this is: a school that invites progress. My role has been rewarding to say the least, having a platform to fundraise, spread awareness about important issues and seeing younger students look up to me and the Head Girl team has made it all worth it. I would not have the strength and perseverance that I am going to take into the next stage of my life if I had not made the decision to come here.