School Life

Being a Watford Girl

How can we sum up what it means to be a Watford Girl?  ‘Opportunity and friendship’.  We are constantly encouraged to try new experiences, acquire new skills and embrace new challenges – all in a strongly supportive environment.

“The teachers and the school continue to support and help me to build my skills in order for me to push myself to my limits.”

The range of sports, music, drama and travel opportunities at this school is fabulous – there is definitely something for everyone. If sport is your passion, you’ll be able to play for any number of school teams. Equally, music and drama have a strong place in the school and we have a chance to participate in a wide range of productions every year.

“Everyone, teachers and classmates alike, encourage me to play to my strengths and have confidence in everything I do.”

Obviously, Watford Girls is well known for its academic achievement and it’s true that everyone here is encouraged to do the best they can. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and constantly strive to help us realise our potential.

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“I’d have to say that the best thing about the school is the people, particularly the teachers. They’re all so supportive and encouraging.”

Best of all, however, is the strong sense of community here. We are made to feel welcome from the moment we enter the school gates and it’s great to feel that so many people are on your side, willing you to succeed, whatever you do.  Take a look through our website to find out what makes Watford Girls so special.

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