Our Aims define our purpose and primary objectives.

We aim to ensure that each girl:

  • Is encouraged to achieve academic excellence, fulfil her potential and to participate actively in all areas of school life, aiming to reach the highest standards in everything she does, all within a framework of supportive pastoral care.
  • Receives a balanced, broad, forward-looking education and is equipped with the ambition and skills necessary to determine her own future and a lifetime love of learning.
  • Is respectful and caring towards others within the school and wider community, has an open, tolerant mind and the ability to make and understand moral judgements.
  • Achieves a sense of confidence, resilience and personal responsibility.
  • Learns to work as part of a team and develops leadership skills.
  • We exhort each girl to develop a growth mindset through the maxim ‘I can do it, I will do it!’


The characteristic spirit of our community.

The Ethos of the school is based firmly on our record of academic success. We encourage all girls to strive for academic excellence. We value hard work, scholarship and reading and believe that these should remain part of each girl’s life as she develops a life-long love of learning. We strongly encourage girls to achieve their highest potential and to participate actively in all areas of school life, such as music, sport, community service and enrichment opportunities, aiming to reach the highest standards in everything they do and recognising each girl’s own talents. We build the confidence, resilience and personal responsibility of the girls by taking every opportunity to develop these in lessons and when taking part in extra-curricular activities, and by encouraging girls to participate in opportunities that will enrich and enhance their school experience. As a community, we respect our traditions and promote care, consideration, toleration and trust.


Who we are and how we deliver our aims and vision

We believe that all of our pupils are of equal worth and concern. We value the diversity of our school: pupils and staff share a wide variety of religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

  • We strongly encourage girls to serve their school and community in as many ways as possible. Service to others is at the heart of the school. Emphasis is placed upon contributing to the school and helping the local, national and international community in as many ways as possible. The older girls work together and help the younger girls and strong bonds are formed across the different age groups.
  • Great emphasis is placed upon courtesy, respect, care and toleration. The school is what we would like society to be: a collection of considerate, motivated, hard-working and happy people who are capable of living and working together harmoniously, while recognising and respecting each other’s differences.
  • We value our status as a single-sex school and believe that this ethos, these values and the education we provide prepares girls well for life after school, giving them the confidence and skills necessary to gain ownership of their futures. We have a partner school, Watford Grammar School for Boys, with whom we share a common foundation and history and many joint learning and enrichment opportunities.
  • Each girl is prepared for her future, ensuring that she gains a balanced, broad, forward-looking education and a range of skills that enable her to fulfil her potential and to pursue her own personal, academic and professional goals.


An image of what the school will look like at some point in the future – it gives direction and describes what the school needs to be like in order to be successful in the future.

  • Teaching & Learning is consistently excellent; the curriculum is broad, balanced and forward-looking and it allows each girl to fulfil her own potential.
  • Pupils are instilled with confidence, resilience and a strong sense of personal responsibility within a framework of supportive pastoral care.
  • All pupils participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
  • The school has strong and fruitful links with the external community that benefit the school.