By Swatha from Team H

“This weekend, we found ourselves amidst the picturesque Chiltern Hills, greeted by the 6-degree weather. With enthusiasm in our hearts, we were ready for the adventure that awaited us over the next two days. We began by carefully planning our route with hope for a successful journey; regular check-ins with our instructor at checkpoints every few hours was reassuring as it confirmed that we were indeed on the path to success.

One memorable encounter was passing an instructor who joyfully told us that we were the first team to arrive. The ecstatic cheers that erupted from our group as we raced up the hill to the beautiful campsite grounds were unforgettable. Once on the campsite our stomachs growling ready for dinner.  Each of us played a role in cooking our pasta which we gathered around the stove and ate as we highlighted our success.  With the transition from day to night, we returned to our tents, in search of warmth, all in anticipation of the day ahead.

The early morning light had yet to arrive at 6 AM but we began our day. The bubbling hot chocolate offered a comforting start, and we reviewed our map to anticipate the challenges of the next six hours. We tightened the straps of our rucksacks and set out with a sense of hope. Fortune favoured us, and we remained on course, appreciating the serene beauty of fields and the presence of farm animals as we journeyed onward. We reached the final checkpoint with a shared sense of achievement, we joined hands and raced towards the finish line, casting aside any fatigue or weight we may have carried. We had done it!”

Team H- Acacia, Aneeqa, Swatha, Anya, Charlotte, Avni and Evelyn