by Anjali Year 9

On Monday 26th June and Tuesday 27th June, Year 9 went on a trip to Cambridge organised by the Maths department to explore the University, learn some new maths and see the city. Once we arrived at Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, we attended a lecture by ex-WGGS student Sophie McLean, who also studied Maths at Cambridge. Sophie’s lecture on Pascal’s Triangle was a concept new to many of us. After the lecture we were able to ask Sophie questions about her own experiences at Cambridge University. We then split into smaller groups and were taken on a tour of a Cambridge college by another ex-WGGS student who studies there. During our tours we got to see inside the college and experience the unique opportunities provided by studying at Cambridge University. It was an amazing experience, opening us to the different opportunities available to us after our WGGS journey and a possible glimpse of our future.

After our tours, we were given some free time during which we had our lunch and completed a quiz across the city centre, organised by the Maths department. This provided us with the chance to see more of the city and get a sweet treat.  After finishing the quiz we made our way back to the coaches to close an extraordinary day. A big thank you to the Maths department and all the teachers involved for organising an eye opening and potentially life changing trip.