By Mrs Hunt

“After a hectic travel day and night, we arrived in the pretty Italian resort of Bardonecchia. There was very little snow in the village early on Day 1, the students all donned their ski gear, squeezed into their ski boots and hit the lower slopes. The beginner and intermediate groups progressed quickly to the higher slopes and even learnt how to ski on some very icy slopes. They were told by their instructors that if they could ski on ice, they could ski anywhere. When they next ski on soft powdery snow, they will find skiing so easy!

Besides the skiing, we enjoyed a pizza night, ice-cream party and quiz night. We even had a go on the Alpine coaster – a self-driven roller coaster for two people.

The students were an enjoyable group and impeccably behaved throughout the whole trip. The staff team commented that the resilience and determination of this group of year 8, 9 and 10 students was very impressive, and we’d happily take them all again!”