With racial and ethnic conflict in so many places across the globe, it’s imperative that the younger generation is educated on these matters to create a more harmonious future.

Our very own ACS society was at the centre of discussion as the Black Lives Matter movement sparked interest in many of our girls and it is a shame that COVID restrictions meant meetings weren’t able to take place.

As a result, Elinam, the Head of our Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS), took the lead in creating a magazine to ensure everyone at Watford Girls can continue to be at the centre of debate regarding these pressing issues.

“Black Lives Matter and discrimination against people of Asian origin on account of the spread of Covid are some of the biggest social movements right now, it is more important now than ever that something happens.“ Elinam

Elinam hopes that this magazine can offer Watford Girls an understanding of the challenges that many Afro-Caribbean’s have faced in the past as well as today.

See the magazine here.