by Uma Y11

Curiosity – always wanting to know more

“Recently, I went on a research trip to Eastbourne with the Geography department and other geography students in Y11. This trip gave us a chance to further our understanding about risk management which we have been learning about in school. During the trip, we conducted lots of research around both the costal and urban town areas of Eastbourne.

On the first day, we arrived at approximately 12 ‘o’ clock and settled into our accommodation: a massive old, heritage site manor, called TWIN UK Eastbourne. From here, we headed straight to the coast where we began our research. This involved completing various field sketches, taking measurements of groynes and beach width, and measuring wave frequency, all of which would later allow us to see how effective the coastal management was. Despite the constant rain, heavy wind, and soggy trousers, we all managed to enjoy ourselves. After this we ventured out into the town for a quick snack and a hot chocolate to warm us up before heading back to the accommodation for dinner. The manor house we stayed in was built in the 1700s and the old style of architecture made it seem almost haunted. My friends and I enjoyed exploring the huge staircases and endless corridors after dinner.

After a long night, which for some was disturbed by the loud downpours outside, we headed down for breakfast. We then walked into town to begin our research in the town centre. This included: examining changes to the shops on the high street, risk assessing and completing short surveys with locals about how they felt Eastbourne had changed. After this was complete, we were free to walk around the town centre to find somewhere to eat lunch, before we walked back to the accommodation to take the coach home.

I really enjoyed the trip to Eastbourne; it was a great experience, and we all learned many new things about risk management. I’d love to visit Eastbourne again one day– but maybe in Summer rather than in November!”