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WGGS Weekly Newsletter 21.04.17

WGGS Weekly Newsletter 21.04.17

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you and your daughters enjoyed a restful break. I know that many of the girls are preparing for examinations, but I hope that they managed to find some time to relax.

Many thanks to those of you who completed our Parents survey at the end of last term. The survey is still open and can be accessed by following this link: :   I would be most grateful to those of you who did not complete this before Easter if you could do so as soon as is convenient to you. It is very important to me that I hear your views, so that I can continue to work with staff here to provide the best educational experience possible for your daughters.

During the holidays you may have read about the landmark Supreme Court ruling against parents taking their children on holidays during term time. This ruling supports my view that pupils should be in school at all times unless they are unwell or they are observing an official religious holiday. As you will be aware, and as you would expect, I strongly promote punctuality and full attendance at school. There is a great deal of evidence to show that pupils who have full attendance at school learn most effectively and perform best in examinations. I would be most grateful if you could support us by ensuring that your daughters arrive at school in good time for registration and also that they only miss school for the reasons stated above. I receive many requests for girls to miss school in order to attend weddings or other family events and sometimes simply in order to go on holiday. I am not permitted by law to authorise these absences and will continue to turn down any requests of this nature. You will appreciate that I and the staff here prioritise the importance of your daughter’s learning and that we will continue to exhort you to support us in ensuring scrupulous punctuality and regular attendance throughout the school year. I know that most of you are fully in agreement with this approach and I thank you for all you do to support the school in this manner.

On a lighter note, next week is Founders’ Day and I am very much looking forward to celebrating my first one here at Watford Grammar School for Girls and I have attached a letter outlining the arrangements for the day. We who are part of the community of this great school have so much to celebrate and to be thankful for. This week in assembly I have been speaking to the girls on this topic. I have also spoken about one of the great Headmistresses of this school, Jessie Tennet, after whom the Tennet Hall was named. She was Headmistress from 1957-1973 and was part of a small but powerful network of women who promoted the importance of giving girls a strongly academic education. Whilst she was Headmistress there were still many who did not believe that girls should be educated at secondary school level and beyond at the same level as their brothers. Although I hear that she was a rather fierce character, she ensured that the school’s tradition of promoting the importance of scholarship and a challenging, academic curriculum, as well as a broad range of extra-curricular activities for the girls was continued. We will be remembering our Founders and the great work of past Headmistresses next Friday.

Please do remember to complete the Parents’ Survey! Many thanks in advance for doing so.

Yours faithfully,

Clare Wagner